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    Never before has there been a better time to access information on the Internet! When Ballard Telephone first started providing Internet service, none of us realized the impact the Internet would have on our daily lives. It offers the access to a wealth of information and immediate communication through e-mail and instant messaging. It also enables us to send pictures, play games, download music, watch videos, and many other applications. It is a tool that has brought significant convenience to our lives, and its popularity will continue to grow.

    In light of all the Internet delivers, Ballard Telephone’s goal is to provide the highest quality Internet access, without disruption in service. When access to information is crucial, Ballard Internet provides a reliable connection to the Internet – whether you need to occasionally surf the Web or need the speed and power of our highest speed DSL service. And no matter your choice, Ballard Internet’s goal is to provide the best possible customer service.

    We know that many of you depend on the Internet. Ballard Internet will do our part to keep up with technology that makes this so exciting – and all you have to do is follow your fingertips!

    For more information about Ballard Internet, please email us at or call us at (270) 665-9600.

    Ballard Telephone Cooperative offers local phone, long distance, internet, cable and other telecommunications services to
    Ballard County and Western McCracken County.
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