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    Ballard Long Distance - Your Local Long Distance Carrier

    BLD offers a long distance service with rates and service that can’t be matched by the national carriers. Not only that, with BLD you get the one-to-one service that you deserve…local friends and neighbors serving your needs!

    With BLD, you receive:

    • competitive rates – for both state-to-state and in-state calls; anywhere in the U.S., all day, all the time
    • long distance plans that are easy to understand with flat, consistent rates
    • one bill for all of your local and long distance charges – other long distance companies bill you separately
    • location – BLD is the only long distance company with a local touch, we are in your community – not half way across the country
    • friendly service representatives – people you know and trust, your friends and neighbors
    • affordable, easy to use calling cards, with no hidden fees
    • WE pay Capital Credits!

    With BLD, you avoid:

    • confusion with misleading rates and unavailable plans
    • separate bills for your local and long distance charges
    • special codes (such as 10-10-xxx) you must enter each time you want to make a long-distance call in order to get a certain rate or discount
    • promises about prices that don’t always turn-out to be true
    • 800 numbers, recordings, or automated response systems and distant offices
    • wondering if your long distance company will still be in business tomorrow
    To find out more about BLD, your local long distance choice, please call us at (270) 665-5186 or visit our office in downtown LaCenter at 159 West 2nd Street.

    Ballard Telephone Cooperative offers local phone, long distance, internet, cable and other telecommunications services to
    Ballard County and Western McCracken County.
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